Size 15 Shoes for Men and Women

size 15 shoes

Whether for men or for women, size 15 shoes are quite large. Very few regular shoe stores stock this size. Most of the popular shoe stores stock only sizes up to 12 or up to 13 at the most. So how do you find size 15 shoes?

There are a few online stores that specialize in extra large shoes. There are not many brands that have shoes in this size, but these brands are known for their wide selection of attractive, good quality shoes. There are size 15 shoes for both men and women available. There are also a few unisex shoes.

Shoes in this size can occasionally be found in regular shoe stores and department stores. It may be easier, though, to find shoes in this size online, especially when it comes to shoes for women.

Brands that have size 15 shoes for men

There are many popular brands of men’s shoes in size 15. To find shoes for casual and rugged use, try, Timberland, GBX, Crocs, John Deere, and Birkenstock.

If you are looking for dress shoes, check out Dockers, Florsheim, Dr. Scholl’s, Rockport, Hush Puppies, Dunham, and Lacoste. The last also makes sneakers.

Athletic shoes are especially plentiful. Size 15 for men is available in such well-known brands as Nike, Addidas, New Balance, Converse, Asics, K-Swiss, Puma, PF Flyers, Mizuno, and Skechers.

Brands that have size 15 shoes for women

When it comes to women’s shoes, unfortunately very few brands have shoes going up to size 15. Nevertheless, the brands that do have this size have such a broad selection that one shopping for a woman’s size 15 need not feel deprived.

Barefoot Tess in particular specializes in large sizes of women’s shoes, including size 15. The shoes of this InStyle 2011 awardee for Best of the Web range from casual to dressy, classic to trendy.

Kathryn Kerrigan is a designer who specializes in designing leather shoes to suit tall women. In size 15, she currently has a selection of basic black shoes, mostly flats.

If you’re looking for high-heeled shoes and boots in this size, Ellie shoes has a number of colorful and elegant selections of high-heeled shoes, boots, and sandals. Takera has a number of pretty heels in size 15 as well. Many styles of heels, especially boots, are available in the brand Pleaser, USA.

For casual shoes, Tamarac has nice leather mocassins and slip-on shoes in size 15. And of course there are the ever-popular Crocs rubber clogs. When it comes to women’s athletic shoes, Nike, New Balance, Brooks, and Saucony are some popular brands that have size 15 shoes.

When it comes to unisex styles, women who wear the hard-to-find size 15 can also try to shop among men’s shoes. You can convert your size to a man’s size by subtracting 2. Thus the equivalent for a woman’s size 15 would be men’s size 13, which is quite commonly available.

Where to buy size 15 shoes

Where to purchase these shoes? You can buy them at regular shoe stores or online. Some of the brands given above have their own retail outlets that sell their shoes. Most of the brands for men’s shoes that have size 15 can be commonly found in shoe stores.

There are websites which specialize in large shoes. One that specializes in shoes for men is, which has hundreds of shoes of every kind in size 15.

Famous Footwear at stocks men’s shoes up to a size 19. has a wide slection of size 15 shoes for both men and women in size 15.

Friedman’s Shoes specializes in large sizes of shoes for both men and women. Their selection of size 15 shoes for women is quite limited, though. The shoes for women availalbe in this size are either dress shoes or boots. Find them at For athletic shoes for both men and women, try Road Runner Sports at

Barefoot Tess has its own online store which stocks a few other brands aside from its own line of large women’s shoes.

Designer shoes, at, specializes in shoes “for women who leave a larger footprint.” Look for shoes in a wide variety of styles here.

Kathryn Kerrigan’s only boutique right now is in Libertyville, Illinois. It would probably be easier to purchase her shoes online at

For high-heeled shoes and boots, try Beverly Heels. This company based in Hollywood, California, specializes in sexy boots and shoes, plus lingeries. Look at their website,, to find size 15 wedges, platforms, or stilettos in heights up to five inches, mostly in the brand Pleaser USA.

And for women who find size 15 a little tight, you could shop at, which has sandals, pumps, boots, booties, and flats all the way up to size 16.

Shoes in large sizes are not that easy to find, especially for women. Nevertheless, there is a good selection of size 15 shoes out there, for women as well as for men.

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