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large size womens shoes

Shoes are probably next to diamonds to be a ladys best friend. Shoes are considered to be an essential part of a womens wardrobe. For most women, especially those who are working in the corporate world, it matters what color and type of shoes they are going to wear to match their clothes. From small to large size womens shoes, there are a hundred designs and style that will never go out of style.

Tips for small and large size women shoes

Some women prefer wearing flat shoes. Others like to wear high heels especially those that dont pass the average height. Women who have large feet dont always have to wear large size womens shoes, where in most cases it really does make ones feet look big.

Although high heeled shoes show an appearance of power, wearing comfortable flats can still make women look effectively powerful. Just by matching it with the right outfit and confidence, flats can make any women look pleasing and attractive.

If wearing flats is not an option, wedges and chunky shoes is the next best thing to high heeled shoes. It is easier to wear and can still make a womans feet look small and attractive.

Also, dark-colored shoes can do the trick for large feet. Large size women shoes are obvious especially when wearing skirts and dresses. The trick is to choose shoes that are color black or anything darker in shade. It doesnt only look elegant but also sophisticated.

Since most women like to wear accessories, shoes with accents can make a large feet look smaller because of the details that are more visible in the shoes therefore making the feet look smaller.

Office shoes for small and large size women’s shoes

As mentioned earlier, high heeled shoes need not always worn in the office, unless otherwise required, women can still relax and wear flats while hiding their feet under the desk. Handmade shoes made from Italy are said to be the best kind of comfortable shoes.

High heeled large size womens shoes or small ones can be good if its less than two inches. Wearing high heeled shoes depends on a womens height. This is one basic shoe knowledge that most women dont know.

To avoid bunions for women with large feet, avoid wearing large size women shoes with pointy, almost narrow toe-box. Pressure is placed on these areas so its important to wear the kind thats just right and comfortable.

Women should also learn to read their equivalent shoe size from other countries. Large size women shoes in America might be different in South Korea or in Europe.

From time to time, women should treat themselves with branded small or large size womens shoes, depends on what shoe size they have. There are good nameless brands out there but having one in your collection can add up confidence and sophistication.

Why they obsessed with small and large size womens shoes

Wearing a type of shoes that matches a certain outfit can show power and confidence. Its a natural activity for women to shop and anything that attracts their eye thatll make them look pretty and attractive will certainly come to their hands, and buying shoes is not an exception.

Small or large size womens shoes are also pleasing collection for women. Seeing them in different colors cools their eyes and makes them happy. Anything that is latest and trendy will surely be a part of their collection.

For others, shoes can be quite expensive and keeping two or three different small or large size womens shoes are enough just to match any outfit that they wear every day.

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