Great Shoe Websites for Women

Shoe websites for women

Shoe websites for women abound. So where to begin when you’re shopping for shoes online? It depends, of course, on the kind of shoes you want to find. If you have a preferred brand of shoes, you might want to see if they are available on shoe websites for women. One benefit from searching for a brand you’re tried is that you are more likely to get the right fit simply by ordering based on the size of the last pair of shoes you bought in that brand.

Of course, many of the well-known store chains and department stores have websites where you can order the same brands you are accustomed to seeing in their stores. This is something to try if you remember seeing something you liked at a store but for some reason you are unable to go out and buy it.

If you want a bargain, there are also websites that sell shoes at discounted prices. This is sometimes even cheaper than buying directly from the manufacturer of the shoe. Make sure the shoe websites for women you shop from offer low shipping rates or, even better, free shipping. Otherwise you might end up paying more instead of getting a bargain.

While it’s usually better to buy shoes in the store so you can fit them, shopping for shoes online has its benefits. Most sites have search functions to help you narrow down your search if you are looking for something in particular. Just make sure that the online store has a convenient return and exchange policy.

Popular Brands and Stores’ Shoe Websites for Women

Looking for casual shoes? You’ll find a dizzying array at You can search for shoes by price, style, color, collection, size and width. Aside from the sneakers Skechers is known for, there are also boots, sandals, espadrilles, and even dress shoes. You’re sure to have fun shopping at this site, and the prices are reasonable–all $100 and below.

You can shop for many popular brands of shoes on the Dr. Jays website, It allows you to narrow your search to choose from boots, flats, sandals, flipflops, heels, slippers, sneakers, or other styles of shoes.

Nodrstrom sells various kinds of shoes at its website and ships internationally. Its categories include athletic, boots, flats, mules and clogs, oxfords, pumps, sandals, slippers and sneakers. It also allows you to search for shoes for special occasions, focus on certain featured brands, including designer collections, and browse a selection of shoes highly rated for comfort. Shoe care products as well as shoes are available at

If you’re a high-fashion type, try Gucci’s website to find various stylish casual and dress shoes. Search for boots and booties, flats, moccasins and loafers, pumps, sandals, clogs, wedges, and sneakers in the timeless Gucci brand. You can be assured that they are authentic. Expect to pay $200 or more for a pair of thongs. Items are not organized by price, probably because people who shop for Gucci are not usually overly concerned about finding budget items.

Shoe Websites for Women that Offer Big Discounts

If you want real designer shoes for less, you’re better off going to Designer Shoe Warehouse ( It promises you a large number of designer brands, including Gucci, for less. You can customize your search by brand, size, color and heel height and offers international shipping.

Bargain Catalog Outlet at offers plenty of shoes at enormous discounts. You can find fashionable dress shoes for less than $15 on this website. You can also request free catalogs from them, including one specializing in plus-size shoes and clothing. allows you to search for a huge number of discounted shoes, mostly popular brands. Ina addition, Shoebuy offers free shipping both ways and has no sales tax, allowing you to save even more.

Special Shoe Websites for Women

If you have a hard time finding shoes to fit your special needs, you can easily find what you need in certain shoe websites for women. allows you to search for shoes that cater to your particular foot problems, plus the type of activity you need your shoes for. This site is powered by the known athletic shoe brand New Balance. It gives advice on the foot condition and also recommends suitable shoes for the sufferer. sells orthopedic shoes that are incredibly stylish. There are many attractive shoes here for just about any foot condition as well as foot care products and information. They offer free shipping within the United States for purchases of at least $50.

Apart from these websites, you can also find many shoes on general shopping websites like and Amazon. Never fear, you can find any kind of shoes you want online. Certainly there are many options when it comes to shoe websites for women.

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Types and Brands of Womens Underwear

womens underwear

Women’s underwear is a small piece of clothing worn to cover the genital area. Other terms for ladies underwear are panties, knickers, briefs, thongs, g-strings and tangas. Lingerie is another term and type that is more fashionable and alluring. Womens underwear is made from various materials and fabrics like cotton, silk, satin, polyester, mesh, nylon, lace, latex, leather, lycra and many others. Elastic is used for the waistband and leg opening to make it tight-fitting.

Early years of women’s underwear

Pantalettes were used by women in the early 19th century as underwear. womens underwear is a one piece garment or two-piece garment, worn for each leg, to cover the legs. As skirt lengths became shorter, different styles of underwear have been fashioned to match different bottom outfits. In the 1960s, cotton briefs became more popular among the younger generation because of its comfort. The exposure of underwear has become acceptable over the years because of fashion.

Different types of womens underwear

There are various types of womens underwear developed to provide not only the market demands but also comfort and durability for women. womens underwear may not be necessarily the same for different brands. Types are based on criteria such as height and width of fabric and rear coverage. Construction of the front and rear fabrics are very important so that the wearer will be able to match their underwear with their jeans or skirt.  Briefs, hipsters, bikinis, tangas, thongs and g-strings are the different types of womens underwear.

Briefs are up to the waist area and rear coverage is full. It has different types as well. The full or classic briefs side fabric extends below the hip. High cut, also called French cut, are narrower. Boyleg briefs or boyshorts are fashioned after mens briefs with a length that extends below the crotch. Control panties or control briefs gives the wearer a slimmer appearance because the fabric contains a stretch material such as spandex.

Another type of underwear that is similar to briefs is hipsters with the waistband worn around the hips. Bikinis are the most popular type of womens underwear. Its rear coverage is not full like the briefs. Tangas, like briefs, have full rear coverage but the side fabrics are narrower. Thongs do not have full rear coverage and the side fabric or waistband is narrower. G-strings are thongs with almost no rear coverage and shows most of the buttocks.

Famous brands of women’s underwear

Designers and popular fashion houses produced their own section just for the underwear. Famous brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana have their own underwear line aside from their regular apparels. Other specialist brands are GapBody for Gap and Gilly Hicks for Ambercrombie & Fitch. British retailer Marks & Spencer also sells different brands of women’s underwear.

Victorias Secret is the most famous brand of womens underwear around the world. They are known for their annual Victorias Secret Fashion Show and catalogs which features top supermodels. Triumph International is another well known underwear manufacturer. Other international brands are Hanes, La Senza, Agent Provocateur and Wolford.

Lingerie From Wikipedia

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