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womens panties

Women’s panties are valuable pieces of garments worn by females young and adult alike. Nowadays, it can be considered as fundamental clothing items because no one puts on any type of apparel or even goes out of the house to do errands or work without wearing them on. Primarily, women use panties in order to protect their private parts or genitals from the external environment. Apparently, these underwear pieces are proven more effective in performing such function as compared to ordinary day-to-day clothes. However, are women aware about everything that needs to be known about womens panties? Wouldnt it be nice to find out where they actually came from?

Womens panties have gone a long way since the primitive eras. However, they dont look like those ones ladies of the present age possess. They were far cruder, simpler, and more practical. As a matter of fact, the first underwear women ever utilized, called the subligaculum, hadoriginated from Rome. Basically, such piece of undergarment is more like primitive pairs of shorts or loincloths. Back then, these undergarments were worn within the lower abdominal area just enough to cover the hips and the female genitalia. However, as time went by, there had been an increase in awareness of the utility and aesthetic significance of womens panties.


The advent of wearing chemises came after the primitive era when women wore loincloths to protect their private parts. Chemises are one of the earliest and most significant historical accounts of evolution of womens panties because these garment pieces were developed by early people during the time of progressing civilization. These vintage underwear pieces were made of linen and were designed loose. Aside from chemises, women also wore petticoats most especially towards the end of the sixteenth century. Structurally speaking, these undergarments were somewhat the same with chemises; only that these petticoats were starched to stiffen. They were also embellished accordingly to the societal status of every woman who wears them. Apparently, chemises and petticoats are the only womens panties ladies had ever worn until the nineteenth century.


From the most primitive era of loincloths to their evolutionary variants of chemises and petticoats comes another set of womens panties which will forever be part of the historical timeline of female undergarments. During the nineteenth century, knickers became one of the most popular and raved-about underwear for females. Structurally, these pieces of undergarments had been the prototypical bases of modern panties women know of today. Knickers look literally like pairs of pants which coined the use of the term panties.


People discovered more purposes to use for womens panties, other than their traditional function of protecting the female private part. Nowadays, these underwear pieces are also considered as fashion statement and symbolic pillars of womens sexuality. They can also serve as a vehicle to convey flirtatious or playful behaviour. Furthermore, they are even used to attract partners and spice up intimate relationships nowadays.

Women’s panties are usually treated with mundane significance for they were just pieces of cloths. However, the aforementioned practical timeline showed how a number of evolutionary modifications played instrumental roles on how these garment pieces became the underwear essentials women know of today. Indeed, womens panties are more than just a piece of garment its a way of living and fashion statement.

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