Women’s dress shoes go from simple to fabulous

Women's dress shoes

Stylish women’s dress shoes are a great way to show off the feet and legs to the best effect. As a growing number of sophisticated women with a keen eye for quality footwear splurge on simple but elegant and/or sexy and leg-flattering dress shoes, expect shoe designers to heat up the marketplace with the choicest finds.

Quality brands of women’s dress shoes for work, socials, and special occasions like weddings never fail to catch the eye of discriminating shoe shoppers. Nowadays, you can find a wide array of stunning dress shoes online. Shoe designers offer lots of durable and attractive options, including classic pumps, sandals, wedges and stilettos that elongate the legs.

Make way for the glamorous designer women’s dress shoes

High quality materials, craftsmanship and a luxurious feel have long been trademarks of the most coveted designer shoe bands.  As the yuletide season approaches fast, expect to see more glittery and sexy sandals and elegant day-into-evening women’s dress shoes coming out of the drawing board.

Some of the must-have footwear from famous shoe designers like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Salvatore Ferragamo, Brian Atwood are sleek and sexy pumps and sandals with a design twist. In the case of Louboutin, for example, the ladies shoes have the noticeable red sole. Most ladies’ designer shoes offer a sumptuous feel and a look that is just hard to ignore.  Certain designer shoe brands exude a sexy aesthetic, whether they are made of regular Italian leather, or a high shine finish, or some embellishments.

Every year, as the holiday season draws near, women find reason to splurge on women’s dress shoes they can wear to all the get-togethers and functions they will be attending. Women normally opt for metallic tones like gold, silver, copper and bronze when putting their best feet forward during special occasions.

Nothing can be more eye-riveting than a simple cocktail dress and designer satin peep-toe pumps in black and red with a simple bow and a signature red sole. Sophisticated women who want styles that will let them arrive at their destination in style may go for the most popular shoe brands. Indeed, few other options can look as spectacular as a pair of Jimmy Choo black suede open-toe sandals enhanced with a wide double strap and gold back zipper. It has the stamp of quality and class written all over it, even if it is peeking from under a long evening dress.

Designer women’s dress shoes are definitely nice options to consider. Nonetheless, even women who want to dress it up but do not want to spend a fortune on designer shoes can choose from a dazzling array of well-made replicas which also abound online.

Simple women’s dress shoes for corp

While there are tons of styles of eye-riveting designer shoes, there are lots of other simple yet functional women’s dress shoes for the corporate milieu.orate wear

Apart from classic black pumps, nude pumps or other light-colored options can be suitable. It is very important to choose corporate women’s dress shoes that are not only stylish but comfortable, too. There are quality brands that can add spring to a woman’s step. The trick is to know where to find them.

Elegant two-toned bronze pumps can be a great option for fashion-savvy working ladies looking for suitable corporate footwear.  Coordinating footwear style and color with your corporate outfit’s colors can help make a fashionable statement. Pewter/gray dress shoes, for instance, can look great with a simple navy dress or navy blazer and skirt ensemble.

The importance of choosing quality women’s dress shoes

When it comes to choosing dress shoes, it pays to invest on quality finds.  Check out shoe offerings from reputable stores carrying quality merchandise ranging from options with a classy streamlined silhouette to creatively styled dress shoes.

While it may be fine to consider shoe options without a name to uphold, cast your sights on brands that do not skimp on materials. Features that enhance feet comfort, like arch support and shock absorption are important. Most women also go for dress shoes that are not only comfortable and durable but also have great style.

Make sure that you make your shoe investment go the extra mile. Take good care of your shoes the way you would your apparel and accessories like bags. Know what to use to repel water and stain, and to remove scuff marks.

Another good piece of advice when purchasing good quality dress shoes that come in many different styles, sizes, and shapes is to ensure that every pair goes with the outfit you have chosen to wear. Keep things in moderation, especially if you are headed for the office. If you want to wear colored shoes like mustard patent sandals to work, coordinate such footwear with a simple dress.

Women’s dress shoes with animal prints like exotic pink snakeskin pumps may be great for a party, but for work wear, opt for simple options like elegant black heels, simple nude-colored sandals, tan wedge platforms, or two-toned pumps.

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