Womens Swimsuits – A Trip Back to Memory Lane

Womens Swimsuits

Apparently, womens swimsuits are one of those few clothing pieces which had withstood the test of time. Through the years, they were able to undergo several modifications due to the evolving trend and needs in utility and fashion. Almost all people, especially women, are aware about the existence, purpose, and value of these clothing items. However, have you ever thought of some questions about their existence; like how womens swimsuits came about? Or how did womens swimsuits look like?


In this era, significant industrial progressive developments emerged which paved the way for more railroads and trains to be used for travelling more expanse of lands and beaches. Thus, sea or ocean-side beaches and bodies of water had become popular hang-out spots for people and made swimming a favourite past time among them.

  • During such time, ladies are mainly concerned on how to protect their skin from the sun. This gave rise to the creation of long womens swimsuits typically comprised of bathing gowns, shawls, bonnets, and gloves. This bathing apparel was especially made with weighted articles in hems to keep it heavy enough to prevent it from floating on waters. Consequently, the primary purpose of womens swimsuit during this period is protecting ones self with utmost modesty.
  • Women swimsuits had undergone continuous changes for a more comfortable swimming experience while maintaining privacy and modesty among women. Proceeding until the 1900s, womens swimsuits then were inspired by Victorian styles accessorized with several layers of bathing undergarments, stockings, laced-up sandals, and caps.


During these eras, swimming has become an opportunity for women to engage in competitive sports with male groups. However, women would not be able to compete given their stocky and bulky swimming wears during such time. Thats why in 1915, women swimsuits were reduced, from their previous appearance, in to something shorter and more body-fitting and skin-exposing.


Womens swimsuits had undergone a complete transformation with a lot of noted differences as compared to its earlier variants. In the 1940s, female swimwear had become more daring. They were called (until now) bikinis named after Americas Bikini Atoll in Marshall Islands referring to the decades sensational female film celebrities. Later in the 1960s, bikini women swimsuits had become popular among Americans and were even sensationalized when actresses themselves worn them in television shows or movies. Meanwhile, due to their newest design, female had worked very hard to become slimmer or leaner in order to fit in these women swimsuits. This is one of the postulated theories of why people of the 21st century have viewed female beauty and sensuality in the context of slimmer and leaner body structures.

Today, womens swimsuits were used not only in pool sides or beach shores, but also to catwalks, runways, and photo shoots as well; thus, making them one of the most known fashionable clothing pieces. Obviously, women swimsuits have now become a total style statement with various design collections being released almost every season. In addition, women swimsuits have also been instrumental to what the media and society now view as standard sexiness and sensuality. Thats why more and more women are trying out and adhering to various diet measures in order to achieve a leaner and more beach-ready physique. Indeed, womens swimsuits nowadays are more than just ordinary bathing apparel; for they have become an established and iconic fashion statement that ladies would dare to do everything just to fit into.

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Three Simple and Practical Tips in Choosing the Right Womens Swimsuits


Many women avoid shopping and using womens swimsuits because of the stereotypical notion that these swimming wears are just for celebrities and the goddess-like. In effect, ordinary ladies end up wearing t-shirts and shorts to outdoor swimming activities. While theres nothing wrong with getting in the pool in different clothing pieces other than swimming apparels, however, it would be better to wear proper swimsuits especially upon entering resorts requiring such apparel.

Fortunately, women’s swimsuits come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and patterns that can fit any body type there is. Hence, females shouldnt starve to death in order to look good in them. With some creativity and basic principles of fashion, every lady will be able to find the right womens swimsuits for them. If youre planning to spend summer in pool parties or beachside gatherings, here are some simple and practical guides in choosing the right type of bathing suit for you:

WOMEN SWIMSUITS TIP # 1: Know Your Body Shape

There are different types of womens swimsuits that can fit almost any physique there is. With that said, it is necessary to examine yourself and identify what type of body shape you possess. Basically, if you have lean, athletic, flat-chested or boyish figure, your range of choices should include bikini bottom womens swimsuits embellished with padded tops, frills, diagonal patterns, ruffles, or cheerful prints; because these add-ons contribute more for a curvier and fuller look. On the other hand, if youre the full or big-bosomed type, you have to pick a more supportive women’s swimsuits to complement your figure. This means you have to choose a bikini wear with thicker straps in order to give proper cleavage support so as not to create a saggy and fattening appearance.  For most women who have trouble managing their plus-size figures or would like to hide away pesky love handles or flabs, either tankini or one-piece womens swimsuits will best work for you.

WOMEN’S SWIMSUITS TIP # 2: Choose the Right Color For You

Apart from choosing the right womens swimsuits styles, ladies should also take in to careful consideration the color they pick for their swimming apparels. Doing so would enable any woman to highlight her best features or hide the worst ones. For covering up flabs or bulges, one may use black swim wears to do the job. Moreover, for females with larger bust size, its a good idea to invest on pastel or cream-colored swimsuits to decrease too much emphasis on the chest. On the other hand, in order to emphasize and make them look bigger, one may use bright colors to create an illusion of having larger bosoms.

WOMENS SWIMSUITS TIP # 3: Explore the Right Patterns

Womens swimsuits are available in various designs such as stripes and printed patterns. Take all these to your full advantage. Play with horizontal lines to target narrow hip areas for a larger and fuller look; or vertical stripes to make the torso appear longer and slimmer. In addition, petite women can make use of two-piece swim wears or one-piece high-wasted swimsuits to give their lower extremities a longer look; thus, giving them an overall taller appearance.

By knowing some of the basic principles in choosing womens swimsuits, youll be rest assured to land on the perfect swimwear pieces that will definitely flatter your appearance and complement your body type. Doing so guarantees a fabulous and bright swimming experience for you, all year round.


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