Embrace Your Curves with Designer Plus Size Clothing

Where to Find Designer Plus Size Clothing 

It is so deeply ingrained in women’s minds that fashion is only for the skinny but with the increasing number of designer plus size clothing brands, there are more reasons to embrace those curves and wear flattering clothes that emphasize your assets. Fashion should be about expressing oneself and one’s personal style, it’s not about forcing yourself into a size zero dress just because some fashion magazine tells you that no other size is acceptable. Contrary to what most women think, being larger than a size 12 is not the end of the world. Consider the likes of Kate Dillon, who was named in 2000 as People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World and Anansa Sims who was Vogue’s cover girl in 1974, these women are larger than a size 12 but instead of starving themselves and undergoing very unhealthy diets, they embraced their curves and went on ahead to become models for plus-sized clothing. Most women in the real world are not size zeros and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll learn to be comfortable with your figure. When it comes to dressing up, it’s really all about learning how to conceal your flaws and emphasize your best features.

designer plus size clothing

So you’ve finally learned that being stick thin is not the solution to all your problems and that the best way to feel good about yourself is not to hide yourself in oversized shirts that make you look bigger than you actually are but where do you actually find designer plus size clothing that will flatter your figure? There are so many designers out there offering plus size clothes. In fact, even some celebrities who used to be stick thin but gained a bit of weight from pregnancy or other reasons have come to appreciate the beauty in curves. Designers that specialize in bigger sized clothing are everywhere, just look around and stop focusing on those that only specialize in sizes 0 to 3. Contemporary plus size designers include Anna Scholz, Ines, Eliza Parker, Chocolat, Dominique Auxilly, and Jessica Simpson, just to name a few.

Choosing the Right Style of Designer Plus Size Clothing

Many women believe that wearing black or any dark shade is the perfect solution to hiding those bulges. While it’s true that darker shades make you look thinner, they’re not the only available color scheme for you. Would you really want to be stuck wearing black even in the peak of the summer season when temperatures are rising? When it comes to designer plus size clothing, it’s really all about choosing the right color, style, and knowing how to pair up different pieces to create one flattering outfit.

For corporate ensembles, pairing up a dark-colored pencil skirt with a light colored buttoned-down blouse can be flattering even for women with large hips. Pencil skirts are a great way to emphasize your hips. In fact, they flatter plus size women more than they do skinny ones, as the former actually have curves to show off. Just avoid pairing up a pencil skirt with a very tight top, as this can be terribly unflattering even for smaller women.

Circle skirts are another great option for emphasizing those curves. These skirts can be worn from day to night with a simple change in accessories. Pair up a lilac colored circle shirt with a crepe knit top.

Wide-legged trousers that are high waisted can also be very flattering for curvy women. Many designer plus size clothing brands offer this style, as they can conceal those bulges and make you look smaller in build because it emphasizes height over width. The same goes for dresses that have contrasting shades and are darker by the waist. Pinstripes are a good option, as the vertical lines also emphasize height over width.  Paired up with the right top, body-hugging leggings can be very flattering as well, although for tight bottoms, it is best to stick to darker shades. Finish off these looks with a sexy pair of pumps and you’ve got yourself a very flattering outfit that you can wear from day to night.

What to Avoid When Choosing Designer Plus Size Clothing

Your body shape is the most important factor to consider when choosing clothes. It will also determine what type of styles to avoid. If you have a wide bust and wide hips but your waist is considerably or eve slightly smaller, then you can go for body-hugging dresses to emphasize your shape but make sure to go for flattering colors. It is best to stick to solid colors, as contrasting colors can be unflattering. If you have a pear-shaped figure, then avoid two-toned dresses, as they change colors right at the waist, which can be terribly unflattering. You want to highlight your best features and pull attention away from your most unflattering features.

The best way to shop for designer plus size clothing is to try it on first so you can see if it really flatters you. However, if you are shopping online, make sure that the model has the same body shape as you so you can determine if the particular piece will really flatter your figure. With so many designer plus size clothing styles to choose from, you’ll surely find something for any occasion that will make you feel comfortable about your body.

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